Meeting information

Time and location

Meetings are held once a month, in which the exact date is decided by a poll on the Facebook group about a week before the beginning of the month. We meet in the lobby of Bahen Centre in the University of Toronto downtown (Map). The meetings usually last for a few hours and disperse at around 5 or 6pm.

Who can attend meetings?

Anyone! Regardless of your skill, age, gender, etc, if you'd like to yoyo, you can attend. Bring your friends and families if you like!

How do I attend?

Just show up. The meetings are really not much more than friends hanging out, so there are no obligations on what time to arrive or leave. Feel free to introduce yourself in the Facebook group beforehand so we can expect you; otherwise, surprise us. If you have yoyos, go ahead and bring them with you. If you don't, we're more than happy to let you play with ours.

What do meetings look like?

Like this! (video by Jeffrey Pang)